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    john_nilandMy name is John Niland. I work with professionals to raise the value of their work, cultivate opportunity and earn more revenue in less time. 
    Most professionals have discovered that it’s their ability to have compelling conversations with their clients (and prospects) that is the key to their success. In week-to-week calls, we sharpen dialogue-skills so that they… 
    - overcome client hesitation (the “fence-sitters”)
    - win business with higher fee-rates
    - make better use of their time
    - feel proud of their professional identity and have more energy 
    I now act as a Non-Executive Director for independent businesses seeking more revenue in less time.

Energising People: Boosting business-development via more energy

All development takes energy. Whether you want higher fees, better clients, interesting work or a new career, it takes energy to make that happen. (click the heading for more details.)

Vision is not enough. Even a strong sense of purpose and meaning is likely to evaporate — unless a professional has the energy to realise their dream.


- Long lists of “energy boosting tips” are more likely to leave you feeling exhausted than energised.
- It’s harder to deal with setbacks, disappointments and negative feedback when your energy is low.
- When feeling depleted, it’s particularly hard to get started on a new regime. Changing diet, exercise or work habits is hardest when you are exhausted.
- Even when a person recognises that energy is fundamental for their development, less than 10% will be able to do anything about that, and even fewer can sustain the new momentum.
- Most of those who fail will create stories to explain the failure, e.g. “it doesn’t work”, “too simplistic for me”, etc.

The role of confidence

One of the reasons why most “energy initiatives” fail is that they neglect the vital role that confidence plays. It takes confidence to develop energy and visa-versa. Therefore, any attempt to raise energy without also raising confidence will quickly run out of steam. For example, a person will…

- give up on the new diet, early rising, going-to-the-gym etc… because of “What’s the point?
- be knocked back by a setback, a disappointment or negative feedback from client / boss / partner.
- find that initial enthusiasm gets lost in the complications of business-travel, workload or looming crisis.

Unfortunately, the same is true in reverse. If a person wants to grow their confidence but neglects personal energy, then they are likely to experience:

- Being fatigued at crucial moments, e.g. afternoon meetings or evening events, hence not initiating that crucial conversation they had planned to have.
- Creating excuses to explain their behaviour,  e.g. “not the right time”, “need to prepare”, “must get permission”, etc.
- Reproaching themselves the next day for their lack of confidence, when in fact it was lack of energy that was the problem.

Confident Energy

This is a short programme (between 1 and 3 months) that accompanies a professional for the time it takes to make confidence and energy their No 1 priority, as a foundation for whatever career- or business- plan they wish to realise.

Once participants reach a threshold of both confidence and energy, the results are usually so compelling and thrilling, that people have little difficulty in continuing the initiative on their own. They experience a new sense of confidence in themselves and a new level of vitality they have usually never known before. Feeling rejuvenated and energised, they are able to do more with the talents they already possess. They make decisions more easily.


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